Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bois D'arc Bash Parade

Every year, Commerce has the Bois d'Arc Bash Parade, and this Daniel and Andrew decided to juggle bois d'arc apples(we call them horse apples) in the parade, and even made the front page of the Greenville Herald Banner the next morning!!! 

Hannah and Grandma waiting for the parade to get to us...

Here they come!

The sirens were really loud!!! :)

TAMU-C band
(which is pretty good, I might add!!! :)

The 3rd trumpet from the left is my cousin, Parker :)

I think I recognize those handsome fellers! ;)

Andrew and Daniel juggling horse apples

Grandma said she wanted one of these cars for Christmas! :)

walking around the booths afterwards

somebody's balloon got away! :(

The 'DixieLand Band'

Our St. Senator plays the drums! :)

some plaques that I thought were funny! :)

*evil chuckle!!!*

walking back out to the car

The Commerce Library always has a book sale that day

This poor puppy was about a block from all the excitement, and was pacing up and down the fence barking - so Peter felt sorry for him and gave him some attention! :)