My Family

Introducing my family....

 Daddy and Mommy

Daddy is pretty much amazing! He owns a small business, an Elder at our home church, a grassroots political leader in our county, and a pretty fabulous Father! 

Mommy is a outstanding mother. She runs the house, cooks, keeps us healthy, keeps up with the paperwork at our plant, and decorates cakes on the side! She is always involved in a fun project and gets us all involved! 

David, and his wife Amy on their wedding day. May 29, 2010

David is a full time farmer, and is also the Hunt County Republican Chairman.
David also taught me everything I know about football and baseball! :)

Amy is the '5th' Hale girl! :)
She teaches piano and voice to about 30 students(I'm one of them :)

 Rachel and her husband, Jack just celebrated their 1 month anniversary, and we are still waiting for them to come off cloud nine! ;)
Rachel is enjoying having her own place and only cooking for two! (and figuring what to do with leftovers :)
Jack works as an auditor for the Government, but we don't tease him about that! :)
They just recently found out that they are expecting the first Arrow in their quiver sometime in April!!!! :D

Sarah, and her little friend Livy
Sarah is very practical, and an avid gardener.
She is working on a correspondence course to be a nutritionalist.

Hannah never does anything halfway! If she gets interested in anything, she does it all the way!!!!
Right now, her passions are politics, learning Romanian so she can go back to an orphanage with some really sweet children, and helping Daddy manage our processing plant. 
Hannah and I share a room, and have been known to talk all hours of the night! :)

 Then comes me. 

My big little brother, Daniel is a gentle giant. :)
He is usually very easy going, but there are somethings that he can very opinionated about! 

Andrew is one of a kind! 
He loves to make people laugh, and is a maniac on the volleyball court! :)
Although he is somewhat of a goofball, Andrew does have his serious side, but you have to be really close to him to ever see it! 
He also loves guns and can be found most nights out in the woods shooting skunks, snakes, raccoons, opossums, and all sorts of varmints.

Peter is very quiet, but is very knowledgeable about machines, nuts, bolts, batteries, knives, and all sort of things like that! He has a corner in the boys room that is full of all sorts of odds and ends! :)

Grandma(Daddy's mother), moved in with us, and it has been really neat to spend allot of time with her, listening to her wisdom and stories! :)

Our cousin, Sonya Mallett, her husband, Sean and their kiddos, Sean, Ethan, Mercy, Merry and Liberty.
They are more like siblings, than cousins!!!!