People I claim as Family

The Lyons Family!
Mr. and Mrs. Lyons,
Jessica, Justin, Mysti, Tiffani and Colten
We have often said that if you want to know any Hale family secrets, ask the Lyons! They have helped us process chickens for at least 5 or 6 years, and know all our quirks! :)

The Schattes!
Mr. and Mrs. Schatte
Andrew, Rachel, Rebekah, Samuel, Esther, Faith and Lizzy
We've 'adopted' them as family, and have the best times with them hanging out, playing volleyball and king's base, having deep and edifying conversations, and singing together!!!
The girls also help us process chickens  :)

Then there's Mr. Childress, who I don't have a picture of(I'll work on that).  He is our 'Farm Mannager'and he can keep us in stitches with his jokes and stories! :) His daughter and son, Ashley and Kyle are also on the chicken processing crew

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Mamachildress said...

I'm afraid to even ask what stories he tells while he's there! I don't even wanna know. :-)