Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Samuel's and my first 'date' :)

This post is waaaaayyyyy overdue, but last Saturday Samuel too me out on our first 'date'!!! 

He came and picked me up and took me to Addison to fly over Dallas for about an hour!!! 
Soooooo Romantic!!!! :)

We dropped by his work so he could show me the plane they've been working on...then, because he has a airport access badge, so we drove from his work to the plane rental out on the airport...airports are really neat places!!! :)

A huge map of the world in the waiting area...

our two pilots

us!!! :) we had to wait about 15 min. on the runway before we could take off, but the flight was wonderful!!!!!

a few planes waiting in line....

Samuel's work from the air

Housing developments look neat and tidy from the air.... 

Lake Ray Roberts

A Grass farm from the air

Samuel's water tower... ;)

Coming back into Addison....

The Pilot, Sam and the plane! :)

After we got back to the ground, Sam took me to this cute little park for a picnic! :)

He had to put some power of steering fluid in the truck....and I snuck pictures of him while he did it... :)

Darling little picnic for two..... :)

had a little trouble opening the sparkling cider...but My man opened it with a knife! :)

the bug that drowned in my cider....added to the romance.... :P

He's sooooo thoughtful!!! 


the lake


Taking random pictures while Samuel went back to the truck for something......

A vase of roses, a special question, an 'I love you', and a diamond solitaire ring!!! 
Of course I said 'Yes!!!!!!' and we hugged for the first time, and said 'I love you' for the first time!!! 

Back at the Schattes telling them the story and showing them the ring.... :)

For some reason we couldn't stop smiling..... ;)

I really, really, REALLY love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Faith and Liz decided to do a impromptu photoshoot.... :)

(This one's my favorite! :)

(and this one... )

Mr. Schatte was still at work, so we talked to him on the phone

We ate supper at the Schatte's and then headed to my family's house to tell them the news.....

The girls doing the goodbye wave.... :)

Of course, as soon as we walked in holding hands, they kinda figured out what had happened.... :)

Hugs from Mommy.....

...and Daddy..... :)

Showing it off

more pictures..... :)

Showing my ring to Grandma....she was sooo excited!!! :)

Video chatting with Sonya and Amanda and telling them the news... :)

Sunday we had the Schattes/Benners over to discuss wedding dates and have a sorta celebration! 

Fire with hot dogs and Marshmallows!!! :)

Sarah's art

singing hymns 'round the fire...one of our favorite things to do with the Schattes!!!

Another adorable couple!!! 

Video chatting with Rachel and Jack to tell them, and Sarah decided we were rather photogenic and took tons of pictures....but I happen to agree with her, so I'm posting all of them....sorry!!! :D

I am soooo thankful that the Lord saw fit to put this amazing fellow in my life, and I love him sooo dearly!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

So, the wedding plans have commenced, and the search for addresses, and lots of fun and excitement!!!


PrairieFlowerMama said...

I am so happy and excited for you! What a blessing it is to see 2 Godly young people joining their lives together.
(What a gorgeous ring too!)

And on a silly note.... you'd think y'all were auditioning for a toothpaste commercial! I don't think I've seen 2 people SMILE so much in my life! :-D
Congratulations and God bless you both,

Mrs. C :-)

Mikala said...

What a wonderful, God-centered courtship! I know it was so special to hold hands for the first time. You guys have done an amazing job remaining pure for each other!!


Risa Warren said...

Those Schatte girls are so creative! I loved the saran wrapped hoagie sandwich idea and the cookies, too! What a wonderful picnic even though Marybethany said that you were a little nauseous that day. :0) You have pretty pictures to look at it! Blessings to you and Samuel!
Mrs. Warren